Tomas Borsa

Tomas serves as co-Editor-in-Chief, and is principally interested in mediated resistance discourses, Indigenous media, and theories of the public sphere(s). Prior to joining UnMediated, Tomas was a professional journalist, documentary filmmaker, and researcher at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. His work has been published and screened throughout North America, Australia, and Europe.



Christina Russell

Christina serves as co-Editor-in-Chief, and has interests in media ethics, democratic communication, and media governance. She has a background as a practicing attorney-at-law, and has contributed to initiatives aimed at reducing transmission rates between HIV-positive expectant mothers and their children and assisting prisoners held without charge through pro bono legal aid.



Aylin Elçi

Aylin serves as our photo editor, and is interested in communication for development and documentary photography. Currently, she is a communications intern at UNDP’s Bangkok Regional Hub for a violence prevention programme.



Tazkiah Baaquie

Tazkiah is a member of the communications team, with interests in colonial and postcolonial relations, gender studies, and Marxist theory. Prior to joining UnMediated, she managed public relations, marketing, and advertising projects across South East Asia in the private sector.



Luca Bertuzzi

Luca is a member of the communications team, and is principally interested in political communication, public opinion and foreign policy, the geopolitics of representation, and the soft power of information in general. Apart from UnMediated, he is also part of the editorial board of Millennium: Journal of International Studies, and works as a freelance journalist and blogger for Polis.



Sophie Chauvet

Sophie is a member of the communications team, and is interested in the way the Internet is changing our everyday lives, how it can give a voice to the margins, and most importantly, how it can empower our generation to strive for a better future. Before settling in Latin America, Sophie contributed to the rapid growth of an exciting multimedia platform for global youth in Montreal, worked in public education, helped organise an electronic music festival in Colombia, was a freelance journalist in Panama, and promoted resilience and sustainable living for an NGO in Brazil.



Sam Lawyer

Sam is a member of the editorial board, and hails from the suburbs of Boston. Her interests lie primarily in the use of digital by children. Prior to joining UnMediated, she worked in digital analytics, and co-edits the monthly newsletter for the Children’s Media Foundation, a group of academics and industry producers promoting research and informed discussions surrounding children’s media in the UK.



Fatma Khan

Fatma is a member of the editorial board. Her interests lie in the exclusionary discourses of nationalism, the prevalence and roles of digital communities, and the intersection of communicative technologies and issues of justice/injustice.



Diska Pamungkas

Diska is a member of the editorial board whose interests lie in the impacts of new media on political campaigns, journalistic ethics, and democratic praxis. Prior to joining UnMediated, she interned at the Jakarta Globe and worked in the strategic communications team of President of Indonesia.



Yara Farran

Yara is a member of the editorial board whose interests largely deal with justice-based issues related to media identity, (self)representation, power and conflict, and international affairs. She has written on the construction of identity in Lebanese “alternative” music, and has assisted in developing pedagogical projects to increase accessibility and community engagement in higher education. Outside of academia, much of her past work has been focused in community development, youth engagement, arts and culture, and education.



Ambika Tandon

Ambika is a member of the editorial board, and is interested in postcolonial theory and the cultural spaces of media, cinema, art, and literature, and the intersections therein. Outside of academia, Ambika is interested in undertaking multimedia projects in development contexts, and was an intern at Penguin Random House and India Today.



Ruhi Khan

Ruhi is a member of the editorial board, and is a journalist, social scientist, feminist and escapist. She has worked for over a decade for news organisations in the UK and India (broadcast, print and online). A Jefferson fellow of the East-West Center and recipient of the Mary Morgan Hewitt Award for Women in Journalism, Ruhi lives in London and dabbles between journalism, media analysis and children’s fiction.