Who can submit?

UnMediated follows an open submissions process. While the editorial board of UnMediated reserves the right to give priority to submissions from postgraduate students, submissions are welcome from those who do not fall under this banner. Contact one of the members of our editorial board for more information.

How do I submit?

First, get in touch with a member of the editorial board to discuss and pitch your ideas. Once you are ready to submit a formal abstract, do so using the Contact Us form. Once you are ready to submit a draft of your completed submission, print and complete the Publication Agreement, and sending it along with your submission to a member of the editorial board.

How long should my submission be?

Please see our Call for Submissions for detailed style and formatting guidelines. As a general rule, long form articles should not exceed 2,500 words, while all other written submissions should not exceed 1,500 words. Photo essays and visual narratives need not adhere to a particular format, but should be discussed with the editorial board well in advance of submission.

I want to contribute a visual submission. What guidelines should I follow, and what formats should I use?

As a general rule, it is best to contact a member of the editorial board well in advance of visual submissions. If your submission is a digital file, TIF, RAW, or PNG are preferable. If your submission is from an analog original (e.g. slide), a scan of 300dpi or greater is preferable. If you are submitting a series of stills or screencaps drawn from a longer time-based piece, alternative formats are acceptable and should be discussed with a member of the editorial board in advance of submission.

What happens when I submit something for consideration?

Your submission will be reviewed by the editorial board and, provided it falls within the scope of the journal, it will then be forwarded to the editors-in-chief for review. After the article has been reviewed, you will be provided with comments and suggestions for revision, if required. Once you have finished the revisions in the allotted time frame, your submission will again be reviewed by the editorial board. Final decisions will be made and lay-out for the inaugural issue will be underway by April 1, 2017.

When and where will my submission be published?

UnMediated publishes one issue per year in a limited run of 500 copies. Digitized copies of each issue will be made freely available for download. As a contributing author, you will be notified whether or not your submission is accepted, rejected, or accepted with revisions. While we strive to publish all accepted papers in our annual issue, space constraints dictate that we can’t always accommodate them. As such, some articles may be published only online.

I want to submit a review article. What sorts of material qualify?

A review article critiques and/or synthesizes current research in a given area – irrespective of the medium. Whether the review centres on a film, a book, a public performance, or an archival work, the ideal review article will assess its implications, comment on its lineage, interrogate its presuppositions, and suggest ways forward.

What documentation/formatting style should I use?

UnMediated strives to be a distinctively interdisciplinary journal and as such, we are of the opinion that consistency is more important than adherence to any specific format. Nevertheless, contributing authors should review and abide by our Style Guidelines.

Can I submit previously published work?

Articles that are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere or which have been previously published in another journal are not eligible for submission to UnMediated.

I’d like to work with UnMediated. How do I get involved?

UnMediated is run by a team of postgraduate students at the London School of Economics, and holds elections for its editorial board in the fall of each academic year. Interested students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Meetings are held every 2 weeks, and volunteer positions average between 2-6 hours of work per week, with busier times in November and March. To learn more about getting involved, please contact Tomas at tomas@unmediatejournal.com